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This  501(c)3 Non-profit organization is devoted to assisting young and adult males, ages 8 to 20, in their spiritual and personal development.  Our primary focus is Godly principles and education. 

The employmentand Investment Program for Young Men ages 16 and over has become very effective and rewarding.

The program is geared towards- at risk youth, homeless youth,troubled youth, and youth who may have fallen through the cracks of education and employment due to a lack of guidance, both spiritually and educationally.

KS820 is a multicultural program. We believe that males have need of strong and consistent mentoring. Those that are unlikely to follow the negative crowd have more need of our service than do the troubled youth. These young men yet needthe proper guidance to continue on the right path. Our youth leadership component is a mixture of students enrolled in High schools, CSU, CCC andKSUPM.

The program does outreach in the juvenile center in Medina and jails throughout Ohio. Our Youth Pre-entry Program supports and motivates new members who are students and potential students in vocational trades while incarcerated. King’s Son was born out of the vision of William Foster’s passion to improve financial literacy for ouryouth males, while focusing on male bonding, promoting community involvement and the teachings of the bible.

Our program is geared towards impoverished youth in the Greater Cleveland area. With more than 100 “Sons” enrolled in our program, it's more important than ever that we share a clear understanding of the teachings of the Bible, improve the financial literacy of our youth and promote community involvement.


KS820 Youth are honored to participate in the training programs and appreciate the opportunity to work along side Local Contractors and Developers.


Have you ever thought about how much you could change things just by volunteering?


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