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Building A



Headquarters 16801 Euclid

Cleveland, Ohio 44112


Program Objective:

To provide safe and affordable housing to participants who are in need of a transitional housing situation. This will allow our "Kings" to save their money while experiencing independence, responsibitlity and prodictive sitizenship without the burden of the full cost of living and with the educational and spiritual support that is necessary for today's youth to successful transition into fully independent living.


Facility Function:


  • Program Administration
  • Staff Office Space
  • Professional Development
  • Program (Construction, TALAH and Residential) intake
  • Residential Life skills training
    • Laundry
    • Cooking (Meal Planning, Nutrition Etc.)
    • Cleaning
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Budgeting
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Conference Room
  • 16799 Euclid Multi-Purpose
    • Crime Prevention Awareness
    • Probation Officers- Case Log Review
    • Juvenile Probation Officer Training
    • Multi-purpose area (Grate-room) (MCAP)
    • Hal Ornstein Learning Center

  • New King's Son 820 educational tool and program, known as MCAP 820; the MEDIA, COMMUNICATION & ARTS PROGRAM. The purpose and mission of MCAP 820 is to provide an education in media, communications & the arts to the participants in the King's Son 820 mentoring program. This education would be provided with a focus on interaction as the foundation. This new program is established to have participants indulge in a multi-action learning environment that includes traditional classroom methodology, plus hands-on training and other variable teaching methods. The goal is to prepare the students to enter these fields of work and industries with the knowledge and skills needed to understand, succeed and be productive with the trends and technology of the future.

    • Library and Computer Lab ( Web and computer based learning & testing stations)
    • Fully functioning

    Hal Ornstein Learning Center & Computer Lab


    Objective: Provide technical and hands on STEM programs for after school teens grades eight through twelve. With emphasis on assisting in preparation of College or Technical Certification level training, GED readiness, tutoring and computer skills.


  • Soft Skills Training

    Core Curriculum - Training Period: 

    • Complete training course requires 40 Hrs. of training and testing. Classes will consist of two modules per session, three sessions per week, two week total course time;

      1. Participants are expected to engage in the learning and actively participate in exercises
      2. Participants are expected to be on time
      3. Participants are expected to respect themselves, fellow participants, instructors and the facility
      4. Participants are expected to respect the consequences of their actions
      5. Participants are expected to respect and understand that we know that all participants can’t be helped. And that we are dedicated only to those that want to help themselves. Adherence to the rules of the program and schedule are non-negotiable. We will employ a “Zero Tolerance” position to excessive tardiness (3), absence (1) and adherence to item #3 (0)
    • Class modules:  Classes modules will be approximately four hours in length and will cover different learning topics within each module. There may be learning that requires the use of two modules, or one whole day.

      Program Goal: Classes are designed to give participants basic knowledge and simple skills in each of the defined areas of learning.

      Testing: Students will be given a pre-test that will assess their current construction knowledge, reading and basic math skills. Each Module will contain a short learning quiz.

      Text: Despite the short duration of the training, a good text book on the basics of construction will be made available for self-learning and future learning possibilities.

      Program Structure:


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